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REPORT: Phoenix Commercial Real Estate Market. Featured SVN | SFRhub Advisors. By ArizonaROI.

What Phoenix market segment’s are recovered and primed for growth?

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The overall economic recovery has been underway for four years, but the averages don’t apply very well to any one region in the United States. What markets are recovered and primed for growth? How does this play out differently in office markets versus industrial? Is it too late to start multi-family development, or does it depend on the market?

Below you can preview the individual Phoenix market sector reports for commercial real estate’s 2015 first half year performance and how it play’s out differently depending on your business.




View the full market SVN overviews with information on all local CRE segments.



Are you planning your real estate acquisitions considering

the largest business shift in 5,000 years?

“How to Seize on the Single Greatest Global Shift in 5,000 Years, INC Magazine.”



Commercial real estate is on the rise, and its impact on the economy is powerful.

Take a 2-minute look at how the development of office, industrial and retail real estate contributes to the economy and generates jobs.

 Video released by the NAIOP Research Foundation:


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