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Maximum Competition Equals Maximum Client Value.

Rand Sperry and Mark Van Ness first met while working on opposing sides of an investment deal in 1977. Mark’s client wanted to purchase a property listed by Rand, whose firm did not cooperate with outside brokers.
SVN was created in 1987 with a new philosophy: putting the client’s interest first, by aggressively marketing to and cooperating with all brokers. This strategy creates a “bidding war” in the marketplace. In an industry where the status quo is to double end deals, SVN forged a new approach.
Our philosophy “Maximum Competition Equals Maximum Value” separates us from all other national companies. We have a written policy of cooperation on every listing. No other brokerage firm does that! Even today, SVN remains the only firm that places the client’s interests first, with our policy of marketing to the entire brokerage community Mark represented his client in the transaction but received only a small referral fee – not a commission from Rand’s broker. This common practice of broker exclusion causes properties to sell for less than their actual value, or not sell at all. The proof? Mark sold the same property soon after, demonstrating the value of full broker cooperation – with a 400 percent profit for his client.
The commercial real estate landscape has changed; it has perhaps changed forever. We don’t need to tell you times are challenging, your own experience has proven the need for different strategies and direction. You have demanded a different kind of broker – a proactive, collaborative, and proven advisor with deep local knowledge and a broad national footprint. The SVN Company of Affiliates has what you need.
Because It’s Right.
Our culture is designed to ensure that our interests are aligned with those we serve. Why? Because it’s right. We have a long and very public history of setting the industry standard in this regard. Every SVN® company affiliate must agree in writing to abide by our Core Covenants – the first of which is this primary covenant: “I place my client’s interests above my own…” These covenants are more than mere words, they allow us to breathe and align as one organization. They offer you the confidence of knowing our entire organization of affiliates is always thinking of what is best for you. It’s a different standard, driven by a different focus and supported by a unique, committed and passionate culture built to challenge the status quo.
Wall Street To Main Street.
We believe the SVN company of affiliates simply has the best footprint in the market. We realize that transactions don’t just occur in major markets, and as such we have uniquely built our brand around a platform that focuses on your needs. Our affiliates have offices in major markets, as well as a second and tertiary market. Whether you’re seeking acquisition, disposition, advisory, management, or capital markets assistance, we stand ready to serve your needs. Lipsey Co. has ranked the Sperry Van Ness organization as one of the most recognized commercial real estate brands in the US for a reason – we know how to deliver a certainty of execution for our clients.
There are many things that go into creating a best-in-class commercial real estate company of affiliates or CRE Brand. While ours offers proven and emerging technologies, an innovative business model, a strategic footprint and a culture of collaboration and sharing, it is our tenacity that is the defining difference. Our affiliates understand our value is in breaking down barriers and accelerating results for our clients. We know that we don’t earn your business by telling you how wonderful we are, but by creating a certainty of execution you can depend upon. We learned long ago that it doesn’t cost anything to work hard; it just takes a commitment to a work ethic which is deeply ingrained in the SVN® culture. It is this tenacious approach to relentlessly earn your business that has built the numerous long-term client relationships for our affiliates, and which continues to validate our beliefs and efforts. If you want evidence of our tenacity, look no further than our comprehensive approach to marketing. Every asset marketed within our system, SVN Connect®, receives its own custom online presence cross-linked to a variety of other industry portals and fully integrate into state-of-the-art social media and search engine marketing campaigns. We further augment our marketing efforts with National marketing opportunities, email and telesales efforts to proprietary investor and broker databases, and options like our accelerated marketing platform.
We simply leave no stone unturned.
Our vision can be best summarized by our clear recognition that we have only one niche – our client. The bottom line is that we are built to serve your needs across asset classes, practice areas, and geographic boundaries. If you have a need we have both the capability and the competency to ensure a successful execution.
Our message isn’t about us – it’s about you.
We understand that your success is our success and we never lose sight of that. We like to think that we have some of the brightest minds in the industry, an innovative approach, a culture of sharing and collaboration, and a relentless commitment to service; but we prefer to let our actions and results speak louder than words.
It’s a different world out there –
Because It’s Right.
The SVN Company of Affiliates has an executive team with tremendous integrity, continuity, and experience. Along with our industry veterans, we embrace the talents and insights of our next generation of leaders. You asked us to harness the incredible power that comes from the blending of institutional talent with a results-driven, entrepreneurial approach to doing the business – and we listened.


Jeff Cline

SVN  I  SFRhub Advisors

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