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Accelerated SFR Single Asset Acquisition ‘Portfolio to Suit’ Program.

Aggregate accelerated single asset acquisition with the ‘Portfolio to Suit’ program.

The SFRhub Accelerated proprietary SFR acquisition program is an SVN client support service. The Accelerated ‘SFR Portfolio to Suit’ program may greatly reduce a buyer’s opportunity cost with a refined asset acquisition target that considers your specific markets and single asset acquisition criteria; all within an accelerated time period.

This is a proprietary single home 4-step national purchase program that quickly aggregates the corporate acquisition of individual homes into an SFR investment portfolio.

Our new ‘Portfolio To Suit’ program assembles single asset acquisitions to build a portfolio of 5 to 5,000 homes in either single or multiple markets across the nation.

The program is powered by SFRhub Intelligent Data.

SVN | SFRhub Advisors works with SFR industry acquisition experts to manage the entire process including asset targeting, underwriting, due diligence, inspection, and transaction management.


The client selects the acquisition market, their specific acquisition criteria, and pricing.

The client selects the acquisition timeline.

The clients create their own success!

SFR Accelerated Acquisition Program Client Benefits:

  • Accelerated acquisition timeline with your purchase assignment and funding commitment.
  • The proprietary software, process and the entire acquisition platform are proven.
  • Real-time asset selection, inspection and transacting process.
  • Provides an in-depth market view of current homes that are available which specifically meet your SFR asset acquisition criteria.USA-Blue
  • The client is provided deal flow support including underwriting, purchase contract management, due-diligence logistics, and complete single asset acquisition transaction management with or without signatory authorization (optional).
  • Ir requested additional pre and post-closing service support includes property report & underwriting file, renovation budgeting, tenant lease-up, renovation, property management, and benefit from our alliance provider discount pricing for insurance and operating costs. (May be provided by third-party support at additional cost)
  • Exit strategies can be provided upon portfolio stabilization.
  • The Accelerated Proprietary software and acquisition process are proven with over $69,000,000 of single asset acquisitions completed this past 12 months.

SVN Accelerated Single Asset Acquisition Program Engagement 4-Step Time Line.


Here’s how this 4-step proprietary SFR ‘Portfolio to Suit’ acquisition process works…

Step #1 – Accelerated Acquisition Program Agreements and Initial Market Overview Report:

Client completes the SVN Buyer’s Representation, Engagement and Acquisition Criteria agreements. After receiving client’s acquisition criteria and capital deployment schedule an initial market research is completed to determine top priority regions and sub-markets. Using trending real-time data, a complete capital deployment report is prepared by giving monthly acquisition estimates for each sub-market.

Step #2 – PRE-ACQUISITION Preparation Starts:

  1. Market Analysis; MACRO Data and Trend Analysis
  2. Population
  3. Economic/Employment
  4. Housing
  5. Proprietary market/asset Software AnalysisSFR17_CMYK-Logo
  6. Average Market Cap Rate Assessment
  7. Submarket Evaluation; Create ‘Fly/No-Fly’ Zones
  8. Capital deployment schedule
  9. Confirm client engagement acquisition criteria
  10. Yield hurdle evaluation
  11. Client geographic constraints
  12. Periodic and total capital deployment target

Step #3 – LIVE-Acquisition Segment:

  1. Analysts begin sourcing and underwriting available inventory within proprietary software portal for the target market(s) established with the client.
  2. Proprietary Software generates “Strike” price to meet target cap rates based on underwritten rents, yield threshold, and renovation estimates.
  3. Experienced individuals make offers and negotiate contract terms.
  4. All purchase contracts subject to client approval, inspection period and confirmation of renovation scope and cost.

Step #4 – Acquisition ESCROW Period:

  1. Seller / Buyer accepted purchase contracts move through the expert Transaction Coordination team to a final property queue for inspection, funding, and closing.
  2. Typical purchase contract terms include 7 day inspection period; 14-day closing/funding period; for a total 21 Day cash escrow period.
  3. Periodic client report is generated detailing a summary of the asset acquisition data.
  4. Acquisition documents (HUD, Title Policy, Deed, PSA) are compiled on buyer clients behalf.
  5. If requested by buyer client, the acquisitions group places acquired assets into renovation and or lease up the queue (optional services provided by established third party).

Post asset acquisition support services may be provided for additional cost for the newly aggregated SFR portfolio…

  • Tenant marketing, qualification, and lease-up engagement.
  • Renovation budgeting and construction management (select cities).
  • SFR Portfolio asset management engagement.
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