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HouseCanary Rental Investment Index Reveals the Best Markets by House Canary | Featured by SVN | SFRhub Advisors

Are you up to date with the best current markets to invest in single-family rentals? Ever wonder if the market you invested in is the best? Well, keep reading below to learn more about these top-tier markets. Surprisingly, our hometown is one of the top Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA). Read to learn more!

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Phoenix’s landscape shows opportunities for investors.

Buy-and-hold investors who are interested in purchasing some new properties to rent already know that some parts of the country will yield better rental profits than others. The quarterly HouseCanary Rental Investment (HCRI) Index shows where investors can find the best deals when they’re shopping around.

In the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2017, the national Effective Gross Yield (EGY) — a measurement of potential rental profit that incorporates property tax rates and local fair-market prices for both rent and home sales price — was 7.3 percent.

HCRI Q4_Country Heat Map

Of the 50 metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) included in the index, fewer showed double-digit EGY than in Q3, and the top 10 markets in the country for rental investment also shifted places in the ranking from Q3.

Kansas City reported the highest EGY in Q4, 14.1 percent, two percentage points higher than Q3’s high of 13.9 percent (held by Rochester, New York, last quarter). Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, also topped last quarter’s top EGY with a 14.0 percent yield in Q4, but then the spread begins to broaden compared to last quarter; only one market showed an EGY between 13 and 14 percent (Memphis, with 13.3 percent EGY) and only one market showed an EGY between 12 and 13 percent (Birmingham-Hoover, Alabama, with 12.3 percent EGY).

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