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14 Industry Pain Points by SVN | SFRhub Advisor

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Always a Realtor® and wholesaler broker.

Are you tired of relying on a Realtor®, wholesale broker or ‘broker chain’?

Through, the sellers are able to post their properties independently, without a Realtor® or wholesaler. SVN | SFRhub Advisors deals directly with buyers and sellers eliminating the unnecessary ‘middle man’ from the process. is, however, agent friendly and will offer referrals to agents registered by the buyer or seller*

(*Pending your local state real estate license regulations and agent must register and be approved at


Investor buyers are rarely able to ‘cherry-pick’ individual homes from an SFR Portfolio.

Do you want to increase your profitability by ‘cherry-picking’ specific homes within an SFR portfolio?

SVN | SFRhub Advisors provides the buyer with advanced acquisition search criteria options that allow you to always acquire properties within your specific search parameters.


Many times, buyers have limited filter options when searching for SFR / BFR portfolios in target markets.

Tired of encountering restrictions when searching the hottest markets for BFR/ SFR portfolio investments?

Through the “Live Acquisition Board™”, you are directly connected to an advanced market search of hundreds of SFR / BFR portfolios that you can filter by city, county, state or zip code, including clean verified data for valuation and rental rate comps.


Sellers are not able to access accurate and verified data to determine the best price for their portfolios and are tired of using ‘dirty data’. 

Are you relying on inaccurate data to value your portfolio making it difficult to sell?

Our exclusive Advanced SFR Scrub Report™ supports your valuation to obtain the best price for your SFR portfolio. SVN | SFRhub Advisors uses proprietary processes to gather data from a variety of credible sources to generate our exclusive verified Advanced SFR Scrub Report™, powered by top-ranked Automated Valuation Model (AVM) data, verifying 25-35 data points on each individual home within a portfolio. is a leading, top-ranked national SFR data source.


Bad data, inaccurate rental rate and market value comparables.

Are inaccurate ‘dirty data’ rental & market value data comparables costing you money? provides top-ranked (by a third party research group) clean and verified valuation data included in our exclusive Advanced SFR Scrub Report™. At SVN | SFRhub Advisors, we have a dedicated client support team of licensed agents fact checking any discrepancies we see between data sources to ensure only clean and verified data is provided to the buyer and seller.


Inability to compare your operating costs with other SFR operators. 

Don’t know if you currently have the best-operating costs for your portfolio?

The Advanced SFR Scrub Report ™ is a complete financial model comparing your current operating costs with local region costs. You now have the opportunity to compete and compare local, regional, and national operating costs.


Lender SFR Portfolio appraisal valuation requirements are an ‘old fashion’, expensive and time-consuming process.

Tired of the lender appraisal requirements and annoying process that costs money, is very time-consuming, and kills deals? 

SVN | SFRhub Advisors provides a complete lender underwriting Advanced SFR Scrub Report™ with a thorough market valuation, using clean and verified data.* With the convenience of a calculator, the buyer can quickly adjust all rents, expenses, offer price and financing options. In other words, you no longer need to go to five or six other sites to complete extensive research!
*(The Advanced SFR Scrub Report™ has not been approved by all lending sources. Please verify with your lender.)


Real Estate agents/advisors add no value and many times kill the deal.

Are you ready to break-up with inexperienced agents or residential ‘broker chains’? deals directly with buyers and sellers with written agreements in all 50 states. No agent, broker or wholesaler “chains”. No middle person to kill the deal. SVN | SFRhub Advisors is, however, agent friendly and offers referrals to agents registered by the buyer or seller*.
(*Pending your local state real estate license regulations. The agent must be registered and approved at


Inexperienced agents or brokers without experienced support staff.

Are unknowledgeable agents and their ‘support staff’ making the marketing and transaction process painful and costing you big money?

SVN | SFRhub Advisors provides expert licensed commercial real estate advisors, marketing and research professionals, and a complete transaction management team supporting your deal each day. Nationwide, SVN has over 200+ offices and services more than 500 submarkets. SVN is the national leader in the SFR / BFR segment.


Transaction management process is typically challenging and messy, and the deal may not close.

Is the conventional SFR portfolio transaction process difficult when working with agents, buyers, sellers and title companies that may have little to no knowledge on how to complete an entire portfolio transaction?

SVN | SFRhub Advisors provides the buyer and seller with seamless due diligence, inspection, escrow and licensed transaction management process and support team. Deal with experts that understand the challenges and provide the solution each step of the way.


Limited access to the best operating property service providers.

Not sure where to begin your search for the nation’s best operating local, regional and national service providers (insurance, property management, leasing, repairs and maintenance, re-financing)? features vetted professional alliance members who provide residential SFR/BFR portfolio support service to increase your profitability and increase portfolio value.


High ‘opportunity cost’ for each SFR/BFR Portfolio Acquisition.

Are you investing large financially and spending precious time trying to find the perfect deal?

The digital platform is designed to reduce the ‘opportunity cost’ for both the buyer and seller. Time is money! SVN | SFRhub Advisors provides a seamless acquisition and seller process that reduces time and improves the buyer’s target acquisition criteria success rate. Buyers can now purchase specific to their ‘Buy Box’ and acquire portfolios that match their criteria 100%, eliminating the hassle and opportunity cost of buying a large portfolio just to turn around and sell a portion that didn’t fit.


Low SFR investment portfolio valuation and net sale price for the seller. 

Are you receiving low-ball offers on your SFR portfolio; tired of the ‘bottom feeders’?

SVN | SFRhub Advisors’ advanced SFR / BFR portfolio marketing platform,, combined with the SVN Difference® may provide a 9.6% disposition gain! Gain access to more investment buyers from a variety of commercial real estate segments as well as conventional SFR investors.


Limited or no seller access to qualified SFR portfolio investors/ buyers.

Is finding a qualified buyer/investor like finding a needle in the haystack?

SVN | SFRhub Advisors has access to many types of buyers including large institutional, high net worth individuals, family office, and mid-tier to smaller investors ALL at a single source.

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