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SVN | Live Recap: May 11th, 2020

It’s SVN | Live Monday. This Monday we were incredibly excited to announce we featured a remarkable build-for-rent in multiple metro areas in North Carolina and South Carolina. This is a rare opportunity to acquire a scattered 117+/- BFR investment home portfolio across six attractive, high-growth MSAs throughout NC and SC at a discount to the builder’s retail prices. You won’t be able to find other investment opportunities like these anywhere else!

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Dynamic BFR Investment Portfolio Various Metro Areas in NC & SC

For more information visit and search for portfolio 100547!

We are excited to offer this unique and rare opportunity to acquire a scattered 150 BFR investment home portfolio across six attractive, high-growth MSAs throughout NC and SC at a discount to the builder’s retail prices. Due to unprecedented times, this highly motivated regional builder is looking to remove the remaining inventory from their balance sheets and is, therefore, offering an investor to take out the to-be-built homes at a 12% overall average discount. This deal won’t last long, as the builder is having little trouble selling homes at retail pricing, and continues to meet quarterly sales goals. A large scale acquisition of homes through a bulk purchase will yield a higher discount for the buyer.

Communities within the portfolio are located in Charlotte NC/SC, Fayetteville NC, Myrtle Beach SC, Raleigh-Durham NC, Winston-Salem, NC, and Wilmington NC. Characteristics of the multiple metros all have in common a few factors of interest to investors across the board: fast-growing populations, high job growth, and future overall growth trends projected to be upwardly increasing in years to come.

  • For more information visit and search for portfolio 100547!
  • Charlotte’s annual growth rate was 6% over the last 10 years, currently one of the fastest-growing cities in the US
  • Charlotte is a major US financial center with the nation’s third-largest banking center and home to finance giants’ headquarters such as Wells Fargo and Bank of America
  • Charlotte was ranked #7 best city in the nation for business and careers with job growth rising by 2.4% last year
  • Fayetteville is the 6th largest community in North Carolina with large employment opportunities including the US Army Fort Bragg where 14.29% of the workforce is employed
  • Fayetteville has a significant portion of its population who are young, single, and upwardly mobile searching for new career opportunities
  • Fayetteville’s future employment growth within the next ten years is projected to grow to 30.2%, according to BestPlaces
  • Myrtle Beach future employment growth is predicted to increase 38.8% in the next ten years, according to BestPlaces, with nearly 60% of total new jobs announced created from existing businesses and ensuing developments historically (2016)
  • Myrtle Beach is highly ranked as one of the fastest-growing family and vacation destinations in the nation, attracting roughly 19 million visitors annually
  • Myrtle Beach has become a technology startup hub as several higher-education institutions prepare and expand the workforce
  • Raleigh-Durham area is home to large universities including North Carolina State University, Shaw University, WGU North Carolina, Duke University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Meredith College
  • U.S. News recently ranked Raleigh #10 as Best Places to Live and #15 in Best Places to Retire. According to BestPlaces, Raleigh has an estimated future job growth over the next ten years of 44.2% and is part of North Carolina’s Research Triangle, one of the country’s largest and most successful research parks
  • The Raleigh-Durham metro has the third-largest military workforce in the nation with 78,000 entering the workforce with high-demand occupational skills
  • Winston-Salem, NC is located within Forsyth county, which starting in 2018 has shifted to be a more affordable place to rent than buy, according to Attom Data Solutions
  • Winston-Salem’s future job growth over the next ten years is predicted by BestPlaces to be 34%, out performing the US average
  • Winston-Salem’s economy is primarily centered on the healthcare industry, with The Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center as its biggest employer, providing over 11,000 jobs
  • Wilmington’s future job growth is predicted to be 37.3% over the next ten years, much higher than the US average
  • 58.1% of people living in the Wilmington area are renters, paying about $1,163 per month for rent, the majority as single-family homes

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