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Join RCN Capital and SFRhub for a Free State of the Industry Webinar

Fueling the Nation’s Top Investment Asset Class in Today’s Market

Wed, Sep 2, 2020 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM MST

This presentation will cover:

• What are currently the strongest markets and MSAs? Primary Markets vs. Secondary?
• How does the SFR asset class compare to other commercial real estate sectors?
• What are the benefits of a BFR community vs multifamily or scattered existing SFR assets?
• How has unemployment and rent forbearance due to COVID-19 affected the SFR industry?
• What are the most recent COVID period figures on Year-over-Year rent rental collection? And, how does this compare to multifamily collection?
• Will COVID-19 cause a push back to the suburbs and away from the density of urban cities? Will there be a stronger demand for SFR/BFR rentals in this shift?
• What are you seeing in terms of BFR demand trends post-COVID-19? Is this a long-term trend and how long do you think it will continue?

You won’t want to miss this information-packed webinar. Click the button below to register!

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