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CRE in the Time of COVID-19 by SVN International Corp.

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Where Negative Equity is Concentrated by DSNews Featured by SVN | SFRhub Advisors

In a recent study done by CoreLogic, the amount of equity in mortgaged real estate increased in the 4th quarter of 2018, and yet, there is a lot of negative equity sprinkled over the US.

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U.S. Housing Market Is Missing 3.3 Million Homes, Freddie Mac Says by HousingWire Featured by SVN | SFRhub Advisors

The housing market is going through major shifts in the most recent years. Housing supply is decreasing as demand is increasing. The coastal markets are no longer the only ones being effected, it is spreading into the middle of the country like Minnesota and Texas. What's causing this shift? Click the link to the article to learn more.

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Amherst Agrees to Buy Landlord Front Yard for $2.3 Billion by Bloomberg Featured by SVN | SFRhub Advisors

Amherst Holdings is buying Front Yard Residential Corp., expanding its portfolio of single-family rental homes as Wall Street makes new bets that more Americans want a suburban lifestyle, but can’t get a mortgage.

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FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Are All Now Backing Larger Loans by HousingWire featured by SVN | SFRhub Advisors

BREAKING NEWS: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Housing Administration are backing larger mortgages as we are coming into the new year. Back in 2016, the FHFA increased the Fannie and Freddie conforming loan limit for the first time in 10 years, and since then, the loan limit has increased $93,400.

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Renting Is More Affordable Than Buying in Almost 50% of These Housing Markets by MarketWatch featured SVN | SFRhub Advisors

Nowadays, affordable housing is becoming harder and harder to obtain. So, renting is far more affordable in almost 50% of the largest housing markets across the US. Renters will be continuing to look for vacancies. How are you taking advantage of this? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Young Homebuyers Are Vanishing From the US by MSN featured by SVN | SFRhub Advisors

Why are people buying homes the older they become? It can be due to the fact that there is a nationwide shortage of affordable housing, student loans, and tight lending standards. Keep reading below to learn more.

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Market Shows an Increase in Portfolio Sales by NREI featured by SVN | SFRhub Advisors

Single-family rental owners are selling off big chunks of their portfolios at the highest level in more than a decade, according to data from one research firm.

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As Demand Booms, Cash in Single-Family Rental Market Flows by HousingWire featured by SVN | SFRhub Advisors

Did you know single-family rentals account for about 15% of the real estate market? Not only is it already a large player in the market, but it is growing quickly and has been estimated to grow up to 35% in the next ten years. Keep reading to learn more about this phenomenon.

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14 Industry Pain Points by SVN | SFRhub Advisor

Within the SFR / BFR Investment Portfolio industry, investors experience multiple “pain points” or challenges that can make the SFR investment process complex and inefficient.