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Featured Listing: 24 Home SFR Portfolio Pensacola, FL (100446)

View this single-family rental portfolio investment opportunity situated in Pensacola, Florida! This portfolio has a low vacancy rate, offering instant cash flow to you! Go to to submit your offer today!

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Americans Continue to Flee to Low-Tax States by MisesWire featured by SVN | SFRhub Advisors

Now more than ever are Americans moving away from high-tax states to those with lower taxes. According to the most recent Census Bureau data on state-to-state migration flows, 523,000 people moved to California from other states. Texas and Florida were the big winners in overall population gains, with the Lone Star State gaining more than 379,000 residents from 2017-18 and the Sunshine State posting a gain of more than 322,000. What do you think this means for investors?

SFR Investment Portfolios, Single Family Rental Portfolios For Sale

Featured Listing: 57 Home SFR Portfolio Atlanta, GA – SVN | SFRhub Advisors

This #FeaturedListingFriday is a double listing day! This second listing is in Atlanta,GA! Home to the #SuperBowlLIII. The homes within this #SFR portfolio has been recently rennovated, offering a great investment opportunity. Head over to to learn about this portfolio's #ProForma and full #OfferingMemorandum.