Welcome to SVN | SFRhub Advisors, The Nations ONLY SFR Portfolio Acquisition Platform.

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The SVN | SFRhub Advisors dedicated SFR Portfolio team is an experienced group of professionals that have developed both an exclusive conventional ‘SFRhub Advisor’ AND an advanced technology will be the nations ONLY SFR Portfolio Acquisition Platform supporting both sellers and buyers of single-family residential rental investment portfolios. We feature both existing asset as well as new build home commercial investment portfolios nationally from 5 to 5,000 homes.

“Warren Buffet recommended SFR Portfolios as one of the top investments for commercial real estate investors.”

Our exclusive Advanced SFR Scrub Report supports the buyer and seller decision process with, quality, real-time intelligent decision data analyzing every aspect of the opportunity.

Our exclusive accelerated contract documentation process, title insurance management, due-diligence period logistics and documentation with the final close of escrow is a seamless decision managed process for both the buyer and seller.


The ‘SFRhub ADVISORS’  will provide one of the top conventional SFR Portfolio advisor networks in the nation serving over 500 sub-markets.

We will be introducing ‘SFRhub UNPLUGGED‘ in the Spring of 2018. As the nations ONLY SFR Portfolio Acquisition Platform, it will be one of the first of its kind featuring advanced technology to provide to clients a custom dashboard SFR portfolio acquisition and complete transaction platform accessing hundreds of SFR Portfolios across the nation in target acquisition markets.

The dedicated SFR Portfolio team will benefit your SFR acquisition or disposition with many collective years in both the commercial real estate investment AND the SFR asset buying, selling and repositioning market segments across the nation.

        Let’s get started today with a professional SVN SFRhub Advisor.



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